Basque sports demonstrations, dance, gastronomy, concerts and theater in Downtown New London, CT Saturday, August 17.

Basque FEST! The New England Basque Club for the second time brings a festival that is the result of the collaboration of the city of New London and the Basque Government.  Therefore, the exciting festival presents attendees with Basque culture. You can watch traditional Basque dancing, Basque sporting demonstrations, and theater, listen to Basque music, and eat traditional Basque cuisine in the Parade Plaza.

BASQUE FEST has established itself as a great cultural festival in the city. The festival commences with a parade from City Hall at 11:00 am and traditional dance exhibitions and Basque sports.  Bonifacio Guenaga will provide the food to the Paella Party based in Miami and the “pintxos”, small plate appetizers. The tickets for the fest can be purchased on Eventbrite which includes a serving of paella and three “pintxos”.  Also, there will be an assortment of Basque wines available to purchase.  That is to say, the culinary experience is one of the most attractive callings for the Basque Fest.

Also, the Basque Fest program will continue with an exhibition of herri kirolak, Basque sports bought by the New England Basque Club team. Traditional dances with the Ardibaltzak from Reno, Nevada and musicians from the Basque Country. The festival will end with a dance performance from Ardibaltza called Gernika.