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The surprising growth of Bilbao

Bilbao has not stopped growing in recent years. Since it became the best European city in 2018, companies have not stopped betting on this city. In the first place, and this being the most recent news, Air France is betting on Bilbao and increasing its offer for the summer by 30%.

But this is not the only positive news for the city, Leonardo Hotels has opened in Bilbao his eighth establishment in Spain. This is not the only hotel that has joined the city, Sercotel has inaugurated its fourth hotel in Bilbao recently and Vincci has just added a new 4 star hotel in Bilbao.

It seems that a promising future awaits for Bilbao.


“Bilbao Bizkaia Be Basque” is the new promotion brand choosen in the international public competition to create a brand for Bilbao-Bizkaia. With this brand, they want to continue making progress in promoting themselves and opening up to the world.

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