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Basque DMC’s has been in the Iberdrola Tower to inaugurate the new service the tower is going to offer to the public. From Saturday, it will be possible to visit the 25th floor from 10:00 to 19:00. Thank you to Elena Lázaro Corcuera for the presentation! Here we have a we have taken during the visit.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao

The Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao unveils three unpublished portraits of the Adán de Yarza family. They were painted by Francisco de Goya at the end of the 1780s. It is the first time they are presented in public. It will remain exposed until the month of September.

They will show the paintings that until now were known through academic bibliographical references. They are in the original box in which they were transferred to France in 1937, for the first time since the Basque government evacuated them during the Civil War thanks to the generosity of the owner family.

Road Show Italy

Tourspain has organized a Road Show in Italy, where Romotur, one of our partners, has taken part.

Bari, Napoli, Milan and Genova are the destinations for this event. Bilbao Turismo and also several basque companies participated.

Finally, here we have a picture of the event.

‘Trends and Experiences in Tourism’, the new concept of Expovacaciones.

The 40th edition of Expovacaciones took place at BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Center) in Barakaldo, from May 10 to 12. After offering traditional proposals, the fair has incorporated a new concept based on sports, gastronomy and adventure.

The new section is a new way of choosing destinations based on the activities, the gastronomic excellence of the territory or the unknown experiences.

In total, 228 participants participated in the pavilion 3 of the BEC, each with its tourist and culinary offers.

In addition, attendees can also do different activities. For example, making a virtual visit to the caves of El Soplao in the stand of Cantabria.

Finally, the Basque Country, together with Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia have commemorated the 30th anniversary of their alliance Green Spain. They have a union with the objective of promoting their destinations in the tourist, cultural and natural spaces.



The capsule hotels similar to those that exist in Japan arrive in Spain. The city Bilbao will open in the coming weeks the first establishment of these characteristics, with independent living quarters, promoted by the Bilbao company Optimi Rooms.


What will be the first capsule hotel in Spain with Japanese style will open its doors in the coming weeks. It will open at number 58 on Doctor Areilza street in Bilbao, as reported by the daily Deia on Tuesday.


The hostel, has fifty capsules, in which in addition to viscoelastic mattress, guests will have extraordinary facilites. For instance, TV, USB connection, headphones, safe and maximum privacy, to incorporate a sliding door to isolate from other users.

Seems like of the 50 capsules, 36 are individual cabins at a price of 24.95 euros a night and 14 doubles at 34.95 euros.

The promoters explain that “instead of betting on a bunk like any hostel does, we wanted a Premium hostel”. As a result, they bet on the futuristic line capsules that characterize the establishment.

The cabin, despite its size, is not claustrophobic. “It is not an anguishing or oppressive space at all,” says one promoter. The capsules are 120 centimetres, in contrast, in Japan are 90 centimetres. This fact makes the Bilbao capsules wider than others.

The accommodation consists of an area at the entrance where check-in is done, a common room with vending machines for food and microwave, another area where there are bathrooms and showers, a lockers area where you can store your luggage and finally you will find the area where the capsules are.

Finally, he Hostel Box also has establishments in Spain with bunk beds in the form of capsules, but they do not have the Japanese style of isolated compartments like the one that Optimi Rooms has promoted.

The surprising growth of Bilbao

Bilbao has not stopped growing in recent years. Since it became the best European city in 2018, companies have not stopped betting on this city. In the first place, and this being the most recent news, Air France is betting on Bilbao and increasing its offer for the summer by 30%.

But this is not the only positive news for the city, Leonardo Hotels has opened in Bilbao his eighth establishment in Spain. This is not the only hotel that has joined the city, Sercotel has inaugurated its fourth hotel in Bilbao recently and Vincci has just added a new 4 star hotel in Bilbao.

It seems that a promising future awaits for Bilbao.

6 plans in the Basque Country for foodies

Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria and Rioja Alavesa are the perfect incentive destinations for your Foodie and Wine Gourmet Groups. That is to say, Basque cuisine, with its special character and tradition, with the best raw materials, can be a unique experience for your clients.

Basque DMCs can design  it for you as the best local experts!

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