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Basque DMC’s has been in the Iberdrola Tower to inaugurate the new service the tower is going to offer to the public. From Saturday, it will be possible to visit the 25th floor from 10:00 to 19:00. Thank you to Elena Lázaro Corcuera for the presentation! Here we have a we have taken during the visit.

BASQUE FEST 2019 Basque culture day in New London

Basque sports demonstrations, dance, gastronomy, concerts and theater in Downtown New London, CT Saturday, August 17.

Basque FEST! The New England Basque Club for the second time brings a festival that is the result of the collaboration of the city of New London and the Basque Government.  Therefore, the exciting festival presents attendees with Basque culture. You can watch traditional Basque dancing, Basque sporting demonstrations, and theater, listen to Basque music, and eat traditional Basque cuisine in the Parade Plaza.

BASQUE FEST has established itself as a great cultural festival in the city. The festival commences with a parade from City Hall at 11:00 am and traditional dance exhibitions and Basque sports.  Bonifacio Guenaga will provide the food to the Paella Party based in Miami and the “pintxos”, small plate appetizers. The tickets for the fest can be purchased on Eventbrite which includes a serving of paella and three “pintxos”.  Also, there will be an assortment of Basque wines available to purchase.  That is to say, the culinary experience is one of the most attractive callings for the Basque Fest.

Also, the Basque Fest program will continue with an exhibition of herri kirolak, Basque sports bought by the New England Basque Club team. Traditional dances with the Ardibaltzak from Reno, Nevada and musicians from the Basque Country. The festival will end with a dance performance from Ardibaltza called Gernika. 

The Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao

The Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao unveils three unpublished portraits of the Adán de Yarza family. They were painted by Francisco de Goya at the end of the 1780s. It is the first time they are presented in public. It will remain exposed until the month of September.

They will show the paintings that until now were known through academic bibliographical references. They are in the original box in which they were transferred to France in 1937, for the first time since the Basque government evacuated them during the Civil War thanks to the generosity of the owner family.

Facebook wants you to buy your next trip using a helmet

Virtual reality will be the new showcase for selling trips according to Facebook.

In fact, Facebook has begun to market a virtual reality helmet called Oculus Quest. This device has the price of $399 in the United States.

Also, the platform has intensified the distribution of content (videos, games, photos, programs, etc.) designed specifically for virtual reality.

This technology has tremendous potential for the tourism industry. For instance, the Oculus device does not need connexion to the computer with a cable. And as a innovation, the user can take it and have 360-degree vision.

The amazing flying taxis arrive

There are still decades for urban air mobility. However, advances in electric propulsion, autonomous flight technology and 5G communication networks will soon generate commercial services for unmanned aircraft. Therefore, will add a new dimension to the urban transport of the future with drones for passengers.

The fleet manufacturers Airbus, Boieng and Embraer, the California startup Uber and companies specialized in autonomous flying vehicles, have already very advanced projects, some of which they say will be in pilot test next year.

The flagship autonomous vehicle pilot projects will start operating in cities. For example, in Dubai, Singapore, Los Angeles and Dallas in early 2020. According to its forecasts, around 3,000 passengers will use drones by 2025.

Axel Hotels in Bilbao

Axel Hotels, a chain aimed at the LGBTI group, continues its international expansion plan with a new opening in Bilbao. The hotel will open in the last quarter of 2020 and will mean the company’s second establishment in the Basque Country. Its first opening was in San Sebastián at the end of this year.

Axel will be located in Bilbao la Vieja, with a privileged position, on a plot next to a flour factory. The future establishment will be of new construction and will have the essential services. Also, Restaurant, Fitness & Spa, Lounge Bar and Sky Bar on the roof terrace, with swimming pool, solarium and lounge. That will make it a unique space in Bilbao, from which you can enjoy the hotels heterofriendly philosophy.


Conciergerie service in North Spain

En basque DMC’s we have just installed a conciergerie service so you can customize your trips to North of Spain. You just have to ask and we will do it for you.

Are you from the travel club? If you are such a traveller, we have several activities designed for you.

First of all, we count with activities from the North part of Spain. For instance, Asturias, galicia, basque Country and la Rioja. Also, you can have an exclusive football experience or sail along the spanish

Finally, you can have a look to our conciergerie service in our page web.

The experience of living in Mars

The experience of living in Mars, starting this summer in Cantabria for the very first time.

The arrival to Mars will begin next June in Arredondo. Astroland has developed the necessary technology to this simulation. A cave simulates the same living conditions on the red planet. As a result, they have created a scientific-tourist experience never seen before.

They will held the first mission on June 15 and they will select 10 candidates. They have to meet three requirements, certainly, be of legal age, be in good physical shape and pay 10,000 euros. So this includes a minimum stay of three days at the station. Astroland will choose only 100 people to participate in the 10 missions scheduled for 2019.

Astroland chose this cave intentionally. David Ceballos, its CEO, says about the martian environment: “is very hostile with low temperatures, strong winds and high stellar radiation, so the compatibility with human life is installed in the lava tubes or under the Martian surface. In this sense, these caves are the perfect location with greater similarities for the trials “.

The Basque Country is the most competitive in Spain

The Basque Country leads the classification of the most competitive Autonomous Communities in Spain.

The Basque Country leads the fourth edition of the Tourism Competitiveness Monitor: Monitur 2018, prepared by Exceltur, which represents an improvement in two positions compared to the previous report (Monitur 2014).

The report analyzes 82 indicators and it structures seven pillars. It takes into account factors such as marketing strategy, accessibility and connectivity or diversification of tourism products, among others.

The study gives the highest score to the Basque Country (112.6 points). This autonomy “has been the most consistent and rigorous in the policies applied by its government”, said Oscar Pelli. In addition, it obtained the highest average rating in each of the indicators. Due to this, it has allowed it to positionate itself as the community in which income per room grows the most from 2010 to 2018 (43.8%).


“Bilbao Bizkaia Be Basque” is the new promotion brand choosen in the international public competition to create a brand for Bilbao-Bizkaia. With this brand, they want to continue making progress in promoting themselves and opening up to the world.

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